Friday, March 28, 2014

Funny pictures and the funniest picture quotes

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Our unique picture quotes are made to be fun and shared with your friends and family on your Facebook page. It is really hard to get a good batch of the funniest quotes and those awesome sayings about love and relationships. But we craft together everything you see with caution to give you the best experience. 

There are a millions of E-card Websites that are allowing people to write anything on a greeting card they wanna write. But that's where the fun in the cards go away. Only because people are always going to use inappropriate things that consist of there feelings. 

Now don't get us wrong were not saying were the best quote site on the internet. But we do promise to keep it simple and exciting. We work very hard on our funny page sites to give you the best quotes ever. The coolest part about our greeting cards is that each of our funny cards contains a picture with a message that will keep the quote inspiring and funny.

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