Monday, June 30, 2014

How to repair a roof leak instructions with pictures

If you have a leak in your shingles on top of your roof we are going to show you how to repair your roof right now.  A roof leak is really not that hard to repair the first thing you want to do is go inside your attic with a flashlight and look for the leak once you find a leak I want you to hammer really long mail in the opposite direction of the roof you can use a 2 inch framing nail or a 3 inch framing now if the what has mold in it and it's really soft you could even use a screwdriver now poked the word and send it in the opposite direction. Now climb on top of your roof and look for the screwdriver pointing out from inside your house I want you to list that shingle up and look underneath it for any nails with mold around the ring of the nail slowly remove the mail with a fork of your hammer and replace it with tar you would also have to replace the hole you sent the screwdriver or 2 inch framing out through. Replace the whole with tar. I'll slowly lay the shingle back down. Once you do that you should be set your roof should be repaired. Anymore questions on how to repair a leaky roof or any type of roof leak visit our second page for more information thank you.

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