Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Do Hot Girls Even Fart ?

If you're asking yourself the question you should reconsider thinking that were actually humans and having the ability to fart is only normal. A lot of men often question do Hot Girls Ever Fart. The question is yes and trust me sometimes they smell even worse than guys. I know what you're thinking how does a girls fart smell worse than the guys. Guys happen to be heavy eaters so when they use the bathroom there usually digesting large portions of human waste. Females usually eat lighter than guys do so it is harder for them to digest human waste faster leaving a combustion of air inside the body causing any gas to smell worse. 
So stop asking yourself Do hot girls fart the answer is yes. We all fart. Even dogs and cats do too. Hope you enjoy reading this article don't forget to share on Google plus and Facebook and also comment below let us know what you think.

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